Spray Foam Insulation

What is Spray Foam Insulation?

The American Chemistry Council defines spray foam as a continuous insulation and air seal plastic material that is sprayed on walls, roofs, into gaps and corners, and on all contoured surfaces. Spray foam is able to seal cracks and crevices throughout a home. Sealing cracks and gaps reduces the air exchange, or air leaks, in and out of a home. Air leaks are a leading cause of increased energy bills. HVAC systems that heat and cool buildings are continuously operating. By reducing extreme temperature variations with spray foam insulation, you will  save on the overuse of mechanical systems which  leads to lower energy bills.

Why Spray Foam – 5 Benefits

Choosing a high-performance insulation material, like Icynene spray foam insulation, is an important step toward making your house feel more like a home. Not only does Icynene spray foam insulate your home, it air seals too, contributing to increased energy-efficiency and lower heating and cooling bills. When you insulate with Icynene spray foam, you’ll experience many benefits including these five:

  1. improved indoor comfort
  2. lower monthly heating and cooling costs
  3. improved energy efficiency of HVAC equipment
  4. quieter spaces to live, work, rest and play in
  5. reducing the ability of allergens and pollutants entering the home

Foaming insulation is the ideal choice because it outperforms traditional insulation throughout the year, providing a level of indoor comfort year-round. It can help you transform your house into a cozy home.

Plus, Icynene spray foam insulation will last for the lifetime of your home.

Where is spray foam insulation used?

  • Insulation in walls, attic spaces, ceilings, and basements
  • Industrial insulation for cold storage spaces, walk-in refrigerators / freezers, produce storage rooms, pipes, tanks, and more
spray form insulation
spray form insulation
spray form insulation

With excellent cohesion, greenguard gold certification, and an R value of 3.7 per 1″, Icynene Classic Ultra is the latest open cell innovation from Icynene-Lapolla. Discover the performance benefits below.

Key Product Features

  • Core Density: 0.5 lb/ft3
  • R-Value: R 3.7 per 1”
  • No pre-spray paddle mixing by hand required
  • Exclusive Icynene-Lapolla Draw Mixer ensures consistency in foam during spraying
  • Up to 30% improved cohesion than Icynene Classic Max Select
  • Can be sprayed in a wide temperature range for applications, making it suitable for any climate
  • Start spraying with drum temperatures as low as 70°F
  • Ignition-barrier free material for residential unvented attic applications
  • Not considered a food source for pests
  • Cost competitive product that delivers on insulating and air sealing performance year round

Icynene Classic Plus – High R-value open-cell spray foam

Icynene Classic Plus is a high R-value open-cell spray foam that achieves R-22 in 2×6 wall assemblies. Suited for use in residential interior applications, the superior performance of Icynene Classic Plus is ideal for builders in areas requiring a higher R-value to meet the latest building codes.

Key Product Features

  • Aged Thermal Resistance: 4 per inch*
  • Construction Types: I – VB
  • Core Density: 0.7lb.
  • Superior sound control
  • Vapor permeable, support bi-directional drying of assemblies
  • Soft, flexible composition maintains an air seal even after seasonal expansion/contraction of building assembly

LEED Contributions

Icynene Classic Plus meets prerequisites and may contribute towards these LEED for New Construction (2009) points:

  • EAP2: Minimum Energy Performance
  • EAC1: Energy Performance
  • IEQP1: Minimum Indoor Air Quality Performance

Icynene Classic Plus meets prerequisites and may contribute towards these LEED for Schools (2008) points:

  • EAP2: Minimum Energy Performance
  • EAC1: Energy Performance
  • IEQP1: Minimum Indoor Air Quality Performance
  • IEQP3: Minimum Acoustical Performance
  • IEQC4: Low-Emitting Materials
  • IEQC10: Mold Prevention

Next Generation Closed-Cell Spray Foam Insulation with HFO

Experience the benefits of the latest environmentally-sensitive innovation from the industry leader! Icynene ProSeal HFO spray foam insulation aims to help reduce its global warming impact, a measure of how much heat a substance can trap in the atmosphere. With a GWP of 1, Icynene ProSeal HFO is a smarter solution for those seeking an environmentally sound and responsible option in their commercial and residential designs. Additionally, Icynene ProSeal HFO offers numerous opportunities which contribute directly or indirectly towards points for the certification of LEED projects.

Key Product Features

  • Aged Thermal Resistance: 6.2 per inch*
  • Construction Types: I – V
  • Core Density: 2.0lb.
  • Higher initial pass of 5.5” to achieve R-38 in one pass
  • GWP = 1
  • Greenguard Gold certified
  • Class II vapor retarder at 1.4” thickness
  • Meets FEMA criteria for resisting water absorption


Spray Foam Insulation Benefits

Higher R-Value

A material’s insulation properties are rated as “R-Value”. “R” stands for resistance. The higher the R-value, the greater its effectiveness. You can increase your R-value by layering insulation.

Energy Saving

Installing new insulation can help keep energy costs down. Properly sealing a home or office can keep hot or cold air where it belongs, meaning lower utility bills and increased energy efficiency.

Comfortable Home

Insulation can help with air leaks and keep a property comfortable all year. Prevent unnecessary energy loss with blown-in insulation, roll insulation or fiberglass batt insulation.

Noise Reduction

Insulation can help maintain a peaceful environment by blocking noise. Once our ECO Insulation is installed, you will notice an immediate and significant decrease in outside noises.

Fire Protection

Used in combination with other materials, insulation helps provide fire protection in firestop systems, grease and air ducts, and in electrical and communications conduits and cables.

Prevents moisture condensation

Even the most mundane activities can release moisture and vapor into the air and threaten a home’s structural integrity. The right insulation can keep mold and mildew growth at bay and combat excessive moisture.